3-Day General Admission Presale Coming Sept. 26

Limited quantity of $99.00 3-Day General Admission tickets will be on sale on Thursday, September 26. Use this guide to help you get ready!

Things to Know

  • Presale tickets go on sale on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 9AM CST
  • At that time, there will be a limited quantity of 3-Day General Admission tickets available online for $99.00
  • Once the $99.00 3-Day General Admission sells out, the price increases to only $119.00
  • All campsites will be available at this time – get everything at once to avoid paying shipping twice!

Before Your Purchase

You’ll have exactly 9 minutes to complete your order. Let’s get you ready!

  • Have your credit card on hand.
  • Look over the campsite map to get an idea of what section you’d like to be in & have a backup plan in case that section is sold out.
  • You will need to provide your personal information (full name, primary email address, and phone number).
  • If the site becomes overloaded, you will be put into a queue. This is essentially a virtual line that you will wait in.
    • *Things to note:
      • If you try to get on the ticketing site before 9AM, you will be randomly assigned a number in line. Arriving early will not guarantee you a better spot.
      • Calling the office will not let you skip the line. We will be using the same system as you, therefore, we will also be put in a queue.

During Your Purchase

  • Again, you only have 9 minutes to complete your purchase. The timer will begin when you add something to your cart.
    • If you do not complete your purchase within the 9 minute window, you will be assigned campsites/tickets in the “best available” location
  • Have our step-by-step guide open in another tab to refer to if you get stuck.
  • Be sure to choose the correct shipping type in the drop-down menu before selecting “add to cart.” If you don’t, the order will default to domestic shipping and you will only be able to select from U.S. locations.
  • Choose if you would like to pay in full or start a payment plan.

After Your Purchase

  • Sit down, kick your feet back, and relax – we’ll see you at Country Fest 2020!

If you have any questions, comment below or send us an email!



Let's all go to our Happy Place. #countryfest2020

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