Thank YOU Fans! Country Fest Included in V1’s ‘Best Of’ Issue

In an election year, it’s hard not to fall victim to campaign-fatigue…but this is one vote we all delighted in!! We are honored to have Country Fest included in this year’s Volume One “Best Of” issue!


Country Fest won 2nd place in the Best Music Festival category and in the Best Musical Performance in the Past Year category with Carrie Underwood’s amazing show out here in June!


We are thrilled to have the recognition, but more than anything, we are over the moon for YOU. You guys are so much more than country music fans…or friends looking to blow off a little steam in the summer…or hard workers who vacation in the best place on Earth. You are our family. Thank you for showing us so much support and love through the years. Reuniting with you each summer is what we live for.

Now, let’s look forward to the next family reunion, shall we?! You’ll be able to snag that passport to Country Fest paradise in just days!


That’s right – starting at 8 a.m. CST on Friday, October 14th, you’ll be able to reserve your spot at the event of the summer. All campsites and tickets will be on sale at the LOWEST prices of the season, so make sure you’ve got your phone (800-326-3378) or our website handy that morning, because as we’ve seen before….they start flyin’ once the clock strikes 8!

And remember what you’re signing up for…a week with your very best friends and family, some fun in the sun…oh and massive country music superstars Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett!!!

Can’t wait to see y’all soon. 🙂

Amie Winters

Amie Winters

Amie Winters recently traded in a nearly 10-year career in television broadcasting to join the amazing crew at Chippewa Valley Music Festivals. She's thrilled to be a part of the team bringing you the best fests in the Midwest!

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