New Music Videos from Country Fest Artists

ICYMI: New Music Videos have recently been released by a few of Country Fest’s artists –and they’re PERFECT for gearing up for the best weekend of the summer!

Jake Owen – “I was Jack (You Were Diane)”

Jake Owen does a fantastic job getting me to reminisce over the days spent as a carefree/silly teen. The strong Mellencamp chords resurface stories of causing trouble, while Owen’s lyrics have me relive high school’s glory days.

The video takes us through the good memories as well as the painful; the sunsets, the long kisses, the trouble we all caused, the dreams we all had. It’s a flood of memories fronted by that same carefree grin.

Do you turn it up, do you sing along / Every time you hear that song / Like we did then / Like we did when / Do you close your eyes, does it make you laugh / Do the memories take you back / To six packs and a Chevy Cheyenne / Way back when I was Jack and you were Diane

The song is a perfect summer track for 2018 Country Fest—especially coming from Mr. Beachin’ himself. Download/stream here.

Michael Ray – “Get to You”

Here’s a song we can all relate to, when we’ve tried to love someone but just couldn’t climb over those walls they’ve built.

“We all in our lives have had something change us, and whether you know what it is or not, a lot of times that’s what stops you from giving your all to another person,” Ray told Wendy Lynn from Country 106.5 in New York. “You’ve got a little bit of a wall built. You’ve got something that’s stopping you from loving wholeheartedly.”

Michael Ray released a music video for “Get To You,” from his upcoming album Amos, being released June 1. The song is the first single released from his second studio album.

Dylan Scott – “Hooked”

Here’s a windows-down-on-a-hot-summer-night kind of song: “Hooked” is that song that you’ll be dancing to in the night’s rain with that person you’ve spent your day dreaming about. You’ll get hooked (ha) on the country/rock chorus and possibly blowing your car’s speakers out as it plays on repeat. Download or stream “Hooked,” here.



Let's all go to our Happy Place. #countryfest2020