Giving it His Best Shot and Succeeding: Jimmie Allen

Hailing from southern Delaware, Jimmie Allen knows struggle in life and knows how to use it to stand up for his music.

After a series a bad breaks, Allen had to live out of his car, working multiple jobs to get himself back on his feet, while fighting to make the music he wanted. 

The fight paid off. Allen released his his debut album Mercury Lane back in October, and his debut single, Best Shot, hit #1 in November.  

Best Shot – Jimmie Allen

How does Allen decide what songs to record? “If my body don’t move in the first four seconds, it ain’t for me,” he says. And it shows on Mercury Lanea mix of country, rock, R&B, and pop, as well as on his new single, Make Me Want To.

Make Me Want To – Jimmie Allen

Family plays a big role in Allen’s life as well. Whether it’s taking his son to Disney or carrying a scarf from his grandmother in his back pocket wherever he goes. 


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