Dierks Bentley Unveils ‘Black’ Songs With Intriguing Music Videos

Dierks Bentley is renowned for his sense of humor, as much as he is for his undeniable musical talent. That’s why it’s no shock that he’s apparently getting a major kick out of riling up his fans with the piece-by-piece release of music from his new album, Black.

Rolling Stone Country recently talked with the country star about his music videos for the songs “I’ll Be the Moon” and “What the Hell Did I say”:

Dierks Bentley admits with a laugh that he’s “kind of messing with” his fans — “in a good way, though,” he insists, talking to Rolling Stone Country about a four-part music video series rolling out before the release of his Black album. “It’s a chance to give them bits and pieces so that the album is an exciting process for them.”

Earlier this month, the country star released a sexy, brooding clip for “I’ll Be the Moon,” a new duet with Maren Morris. That first video set the scene for a scorching love triangle, with the likely hot-and-bothered viewer not likely to know whether to be Team Boyfriend or Team Lover. The story arc continues with “What the Hell Did I Say,” making its world premiere today. This second video is all about the lover, whom we find to be one hell of a drinking buddy. But with every shot, he picks up the phone to call or text his secret girlfriend — making his clouded head hurt a lot worse the next day.

The video is lighthearted in its bar scenes, yet heavy as a hangover in its depiction of what happens in the aftermath of the drunken night out — and that brings a whole new life to Bentley’s playful “What the Hell Did I Say.”

“I love singing fun songs; I’ve built a career on them,” says the singer-songwriter, who has topped the charts with many a drinking song, including “Sideways” and “Drunk on a Plane.” “With ‘What the Hell,’ it’s a fun, morning-after song,” he continues. “The video is a chance to take it somewhere else and keep the conversation wide open.”

Haven’t seen the videos yet? Check them out below!  And stay tuned for the next video in the series, “Pick Up,” which reportedly debuts on Rolling Stone Country April 29th. The final treat – getting to see him live in Cadott at Country Fest this summer! Is it June yet? 😉




Amie Winters

Amie Winters

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