Cam Delivers Heartfelt TED Talk on the Power of Music

Cam has been in the country music spotlight since her 2015 breakthrough single “My Mistake”.

However, the Grammy-nominated artist recently delivered a TEDx talk. Cam was asked to speak after TED organizers realized she has a degree in psychology, and worked in labs at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

“It only lasted about 11 minutes . . . but I was more terrified than I’ve ever been in my life,” said Cam. “To share knowledge publicly means I had to first believe that I have knowledge worth sharing—and questioning myself is pretty much my superpower.” (I think we can all relate to that!)

Her speech focused on the power of music and what it has on the human condition.

“Are you getting the most you can out of music?” Cam asked. “I really want to remind you that music is not just the background at a shopping mall, it’s not just weekend entertainment. It’s a tool that our species developed to help us heal ourselves and soothe our souls.”

Cam also performed three songs at the conference – “Village,” “Runaway Train” and “Burning House” – from her debut album Untamed. Anyone can watch the talk in the link above.

Cam fans will have the perfect opportunity to see her perform live at the 31st annual Country Fest on June 25.

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