A Little More Summer?

Yes, I absolutely love the changing of the seasons: the colors, the smells, actually using 12 of my 45 scarves … fall is forever welcomed.

But letting go of summer is always so bittersweet. Those moments of long days & late nights, running around barefoot, laughing among groups of friends, cheersing to the moonlight, are perfectly paired with that summertime soundtrack.

So here I sit, looking at the calendar that finalizes the end of summer. September 22 is the day autumn officially begins: today’s the day where daylight and darkness equal. What’s next? We’ll be losing about three minutes of daylight each day until we are swallowed by December’s dark chill. Yaaayyy …

Let me dip my head in sadness a little while longer. Just long enough  for me to listen to Jason Aldean’s “Little More Summertime” once more. And then maybe again.

Music video: Jason Aldean, "Little More Summertime"

Join me in mourning the loss of summer for less than four minutes. Watch Jason Aldean’s “Little More Summertime” video by clicking on the image.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so dismal. Soon enough, summer 2018 will be here and I’ll have found a bright, new soundtrack to lift my spirits.

I suppose we have to come across these goodbyes so we can better welcome the next hellos. It’s all about perspective, right? RIGHT? Yes. That, and optimism.

Optimism: maybe I’ll hibernate through winter and wake up to warmer weather.



Let's all go to our Happy Place. #countryfest2020

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