A Lifetime of Memories

As we enter a new year and new decade, the nostalgia is real. In the Country Fest office, we got inspired to pull out old scrapbooks from Country Fest 1991 and look through the dusty pages. Looking at the old photos brought back a flood of memories over the last 34 years. We want to share these stories so you too can relieve some of the best memories made here. Enjoy!

Love at First Sight

“It was a feeling that I had never experienced before. Given I was only 19 years old but it was one that will hopefully last a lifetime. When I saw my now husband on that night, my heart skipped a beat and I just knew what I needed to do. I asked him to dance and may have slightly pulled him on the dance floor by the front of his shirt. I couldn’t stop staring into his eyes and his eyes are the one thing that I still remember from that night. I fell head over heals in love with him that night and confessed that he had 5 years to marry me! He may have been a little shocked with that statement but appeared to be feeling the same thing as me. I ran into him again on the following nights and we snuck away from our friends to dance to The Shake by Neal McCoy. We exchanged numbers and from that day forward we have been inseparable. We actually got married 5 years almost to the date after that country fest. We were married on July 7, 2007 and shortly after that had 3 wonderful kids. This summer will mark 18 years since that country fest and we celebrate every year. ” -Amanda Stassel-Schemenauer

Cherished Memories

“My first Country Fest experience was with my mother. I had no clue what it even was. My Mom had Multiple Sclerosis, so it was a rare occasion when we would leave the house, and she was driving! It was myself, my mom and my older sister Lisa. We were from a small town about a half hour northeast from Cadott. I can still smell the buttery popcorn and delicious hot dogs in the air while we waited to get in the gate. My mom was handicap so we got front row parking. Back then there was no VIP, or lawn chair reserved, so we were escorted to the stage where we had the best spot! I can’t remember everyone we saw, but I remember the feeling of seeing Lee Greenwood sing his hit song God Bless the USA…..crazy how music does that to you. Sitting here writing this out on the eve of her passing has me remembering all of the wonderful times we had together, just the 3 of us. I guess Eric Church said it right “funny how a melody, sounds like a memory” – Amanda Gergely

“My mom’s autographed picture of Janie” – Amanda Gergely

Falling in Love with Country Music

“In 2019, I took my 6 year old, Patrick to Country Fest. I told him the whole day was his, all I asked was to see Tracy Lawrence. Early in the day we found ourselves at a side stage where Aileeah Colgan was playing. Since it was early in the day he got to be right up front. She saw him and tried to interact with him but he was shy and asked me if we could go back to our seats, we did. As Tracy Lawrence finished his first song Patrick begged me to go back to the side stage to see Aileeah again (she had multiple sets). I tried explaining Tracy is a country legend. He wasn’t having it and told me today is his day. Needless to say we went back to the side stage. Since Tracy was on the main stage, Aileeah wasn’t performing and that side stage was completely empty. Aileeah’s guitarist (and husband) saw us hanging around and recognized Patrick from earlier when he was being shy with Aileeah. He greeted us, talked to Patrick, and gave him a guitar pick. He spent about 20 minutes hanging out with us. When Tracy wrapped up, Aileeah started up again and Patrick made sure to be up front again. Aileeah waved at him and interacted with him again. This time he was all about it. After she finished her set, she came back out and met Patrick, gave him a shirt & cd, and took a picture with him. He has been listening to her cd since. So my best country fest memory was missing Tracy Lawrence so that my son could fall in love with live music and meet his now favorite singer.” Phil Caron

Patrick getting a photo with Aileeah Colgan

These stories are only a few of the many stories that were shared with us. Each story truly touched our hearts & we feel so blessed to have been part of memories that will never be forgotten. Thanks y’all, we love you guys❤️



Let's all go to our Happy Place. #countryfest2020

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