Walker McGuire releases EP today

Country Fest act Walker McGuire has released their self-titled debut EP today. The EP was entirely co-written by the duo, Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire, and a few Nashville pros. Download it here!

Listeners will hear Walker McGuire’s latest single “Lost” on country radio stations next week (Jan. 16), although it has been available for streaming and on digital platforms. If you haven’t yet, check it out, below.

Walker McGuire released their self-titled debut EP today. Walker McGuire will be performing at Country Fest on Thursday, June 21.

Walker McGuire track listing:

  1. “Mysteries Of The World” (Johnny McGuire, Jordan Walker, Chris Dubois, Brent Anderson) Inspired by an audio book about D.B. Cooper.
  2. “Lost” (Jordan Walker, Justin Wilson, Kristian Bush of Sugarland) Inspired by a friend who literally got lost while talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
  3. “Til Tomorrow” (Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper, Trey Matthews) Modern-day version of an old-fashioned love song; also–the duo’s first single.
  4. “18 Forever” (Jordan Walker, Marc Beeson, Andrew Albert) Walker McGuire’s rock & roll anthem, with duo-proclaimed “rocker” Johnny singing lead.
  5. “Best Kinda Bad” (Jordan Walker, Johnny McGuire, Brian Carper) One of the first songs the two ever wrote. Inspired by Johnny who was looking for a girl who loved Tom Petty.

Walker McGuire is ready for 2018 with their freshly-released debut EP. Download it today and see them perform at Country Fest 2018!

More About Walker McGuire:

  • The duo likes “whiskey, pizza, dogs and songs,” according to their Facebook Bio. And, if you like those things too, you can be friends with Walker McGuire.
  • Key influencers include “Keith Whitley, Dan Seals, John Price, Tom Petty, the Spice Girls and more.”
  • Walker McGuire will be performing on Country Fest’s Main Stage on Thursday, June 21.
  • The two take an opposites-attract approach to their music, fusing electrifying “brotherly” harmonies with a fresh new take on modern country.
  • Jordan always wears a ball cap and cowboy boots. Johnny prefers laid-back bohemian threads.


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