Listen to the Official Country Fest 2018 Spotify Playlist

Sometimes you need a playlist to pair with your day. There are times you need the right soundtrack to get you through the work week. Maybe you’re getting ready for an evening out and need a set of tunes to belt out in the shower (where the best acoustics live). And there are times where you just need music to get you straight through to summer.

Well, we have that playlist. And since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we think it’s the perfect time for sharing it with you.


We’ve created a Spotify Playlist for Country Fest 2018, and it includes all the available artists who will be performing for you in Cadott next June.

Country Fest 2018 Spotify Playlist screenshot

The Official Country Fest 2018 playlist features songs from all available artists ready for you to listen to!

The Country Fest 2018 Playlist is perfect for listening in your car, at home, on a walk, with friends and family or your cat (or dog, I guess—the cat probably doesn’t care about your musical preferences). What I’m trying to say is that it’s perfect to listen to any time.

It’s also the best soundtrack for you to prep for the best weekend of the year. Yeah, you know that one event I’m talking about: Country Fest.


The Country Fest 2018 Spotify playlist is easy to access.

Spotify is free and it’s easy to download. If you’re on a desktop, head over to to easily download it on your computer. If you’re on your mobile device, visit the App Store or Google Play to find Spotify for your mobile device.

Be sure to follow the Country Fest 2018 playlist! Spotify makes it easy to follow playlists, all you have to do is click on the plus ( + ) to follow on your desktop or select the “Follow” button on mobile. We’ll be adding to and updating the playlist as Country Fest artists release new music.

So keep your Country Fest deprivation at bay and feed your soul. The Official Country Fest 2018 playlist is ready and waiting—just for you.

Be ready for next June! Listen to the Official Country Fest 2018 Spotify playlist!



Let's all go to our Happy Place. #countryfest2020

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